Some Important Elements of Website Building

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Some Important Elements of Website Building Empty Some Important Elements of Website Building

Post  royal on Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:33 pm

Designing a beautiful and effective website is an art only some people are able to grasp. But there are certain elements that need to be embedded in a website for which you could have some general rules. It is a good idea to look at them in order to learn how to design an effective website. The following few paragraphs are an attempt to discuss those elements.

Color scheme

Color is one of the elements that could make an impact on the minds of visitors to a website. Different websites use different color schemes. Usually, most web designers use a single color and use different hues of the same color at different areas of the site. The base color is the same. This gives a kind of identification to the website. For instance, the basic color used in gambling sites is pink. There are certain instances where a different color is used to highlight a certain area of a website. However, there is no hard and fast rule on the use of colors on websites.

Use of Fonts

Readability is the most important element in any website. Therefore, you need to be careful when you use fonts. There are certain fonts that are easily displayed in any web browser. If you use those fonts, you will have no difficulty in producing a site that could be seen in any browser. In case you want to use a special font that every browser is not able to display, you need to use special techniques such as java script to make them visible in all browsers. Therefore, it is always better to use common browser friendly fonts.

Font size also an important element. You must not use more than two sizes of fonts in a website. Also you must not use too small fonts.


Contrast is an element you could use for highlighting one against the rest. Everyone knows what contrast is when it comes to colors and black and white. In a website contrast of colors is not such an important element. But when it comes to text, if you want to highlight a headline from the rest of the print, you could have it in a larger font. This will give prominence to the headline. This is contrast when it comes to web design. You could use contrast to highlight hyper texts and subheading. Normally bolding, italics and font sizes could be used for this purpose.

Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds is a principle applied in many occasions, not only in web sites. However, in websites also if you have graphics this rule is a good thing to apply. It will create more presentable graphics. According to the rule, you need to draw two lines vertically and horizontally dividing the frame into six squares. Your picture elements should be placed where the lines cross.

There are many more elements in a website which you could manipulate to good effect but when you have these four elements managed properly, you could design a good effective and attractive website.

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