What Is Internet Marketing

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What Is Internet Marketing

Post  royal on Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:37 am

Hi Everybody,
Well when it comes to internet marketing we all talk about generating traffic from internet or the world wide web which is the major constituent of web. Internet marketing in itself is a long subject and cannot be defined so easily. It is widespread into several branches and even sub-divided further.

Here is some brief info on internet marketing :

SEO : This is one of the most important and effective channel of internet marketing. It stands for search engine optimization and is associated with organic traffic from search engines. This is undoubtedly the prime section of net marketing as its a targeted system of getting your customers.

PPC : Pay per click is the paid advertising which brings on the traffic from search engine paid advertisements. Yahoo search marketing and Google adwords are fine examples of pay per click sort of marketing. Its an effective channel but is still costly.

Social Media : This is in fact one of the growing fields of internet marketing and it has an advantage of branding an organization, product or the service quite effectively. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, youtube are good examples of social media marketing. Same as search engine marketing it has two aspects organic and inorganic way of advertising.

Behavioral targeting : This is one of the new innovation in the field of internet marketing. This particular advertising displays ads on the network sites on the basis of search and browsing behavior of a person. So if you are continuously reading some travel resource and then jump to sites of different subject, you will see the ad related to travel industry. This way conversions can be achieved quickly.

Banner Advertising : This is the traditional channel of internet marketing, back to early 90s when the web was just started. So high traffic sites put on paid banner ads as a part of subscription services and drive traffic to advertisers sites.

Email marketing : This is also one of the oldest way of marketing but its definition can be molded into several ways. One if the authorized way of emailing like sending promotional mailers to subscribers or the regular newsletter circulation and other is sending unsolicited emails / spam which is again prohibited. Indeed its a good channel to connect with your customers but using it as spam way is risky.

Besides there are contextual ads, affiliate marketing, audio advertising, display advertising etc. but the one above represents the major sections of the internet marketing.

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Re: What Is Internet Marketing

Post  stylabrite on Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:23 am

Internet marketing, also referred to as i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.


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