The Importance Of Dominios And Hosting

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The Importance Of Dominios And Hosting

Post  royal on Mon May 14, 2012 1:27 am

Hi Everybody,
The domain you choose for your website is just as important as the quality of the hosting and the website, so you should be careful when deciding on the domain name. Dominios are essential, because when people think about your website, they will think of it by name and they know exactly where to go. In this age of internet where people constantly turn to the web for information, it is best to have a domain that reflects your site and your business. If your domain name matches your brand name it is even better, because people will try it first in their browser.

Dominios can have up to 67 characters and while some argue that short domain names are easier to type and to remember, others claim that longer domains are registered faster by the human memory. Dominios that include a keyword from your site are even better because they have the advantage of being better in a number of search engines. Hyphened domain names are not that great because they are easy to forget when typing and when people recommend you a certain site verbally having hyphens can leave to potential errors. On the other hand, the advantages would be the fact that search engines can distinguish the keywords better and the non-hyphenated form that you wanted might no longer be available.

Dominios should also be in the singular form, because users forget to type the s most of the times and they might end up visiting another site instead of your own. Dominios should avoid any sort of confusion and contractions are sometimes wonderful domain names. Also, beware of deliberate misspellings and remember that the name you choose will be on your business cards, in your email address and on all the letterheads you are going to send. Hosting is just as important as the domain you choose, so rushing into a decision regarding a web providers isn't something we advise you to do.

Hosting providers that respect their business and their customers will first of all provide excellent customer service and support and the reliability, knowledge and quick response to your inquiry will tell you whether you should choose them or not. Also, at present many web hosting companies have the fast response system which enables customers to chat online directly with the operator. The best way of testing your provider is to simply access their support, see how long it takes for them to respond and if the answers you are given are satisfactory.

Hosting providers offer competitive prices even if their hosting package has a variety of services in order to attract the customer, such as: unlimited hosting space and bandwidth, low monthly price, My SQL databases, transparent policies, C-panel hosting, secure daily back-up routines and other features you might be interested in. Hosting competition is tough; providers are interested in having more customers, so you must be prepared to negotiate and keep in mind that your website is important for your business and that the domain name and the hosting you choose will contribute to the success of your business.

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