How To SEO For Apple’s App Store

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How To SEO For Apple’s App Store Empty How To SEO For Apple’s App Store

Post  royal on Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:06 am

Hi Everyone,
If you still think mobile SEO is only about WAP pages and the mobile web, you may have been living under a rock since July 2008, when Apple launched their App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. This week they announced their 1 billionth App download, and many out-of-work programmers are wondering how to become the next App Store millionaire.

In the new world of digital content optimization (also called digital asset optimization by some) content can and should be optimized to make it more visible on many popular platforms, including Apple’s App Store. The few articles that I’ve seen on App Store SEO seem to focus on more black hat techniques like keyword stuffing with unrelated keywords, but there are white hat ways to get your content to the top of Apple’s App Store search engine as well. Here are a few :

1. Make an interesting App that doesn’t violate Apple’s guidelines

2. Keep an eye on the Top 50

3. Integrate Facebook Connect

4. Use keywords in the app name

5. Encourage users to write reviews

6. Mention popular related apps in body copy

7. Use old-style keyword density in body copy

8. Promote the App with your web content

9. Offer a lite version of a paid app

10. Alert relevant communities

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