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There are so many huge gates in the walled city of Jaipur but the three gates connecting the City Palace complex with the main city, witch are known as Trapolia the three gates have a very significant place in the history of jaipur. The market adjoining these gates has come to be known as Tripolia Bazzar. It reminds us of Chandni Chowk Bazaar of Delhi. These gates were built by the founder of Jaipur Sawai jai Singh as the southern gates of royal palace. These gates are painted in shining pale yellow and pink colors.

From the very beginning Tripolia gates have been fomous because the royal processions as well as the processions of Teej and Gangaur used to come out through these gates. From the niches built over the gates, queens and other ladies of the palace could watch the processions. The boxes which are visible from the sides of the gate were built by Maharaja Man Singh (1922-70) to beautify the gates. The present Maharaja Brigadier Bhawani Singh has placed two canons outside these gates which were earlier lying near the outer gates of City Palace. This has added to the beauty of these gates.

These gates are used only for celebrations or when royal guests arrive. The death processions of the Maharaja would also pass through them while those of the Maharanis were taken through other gates to the Chhatris of Maharanis where they were cremated.

After the merger of Jaipur state of into Rajasthan, these gates were closed for the general public. Now only the members of the erstwhile royal family or their guests can pass through these gates.
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