Some Tips On Making An Attractive Website

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Some Tips On Making An Attractive Website Empty Some Tips On Making An Attractive Website

Post  royal on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:37 am

Hi Everybody,
Following are some tips on making an attractive website :

Use graphics and other media files according to the instruction. Do not overuse anything because it may slow down the speed of your website. It will also kill the bandwidth of your website if you keep a lot of files to be loaded on your website. But you should keep in mind that graphics are the main thing that can gain the attention of the users. So you need to use graphics on your website. Make the banners and some other images for your site and place them on your site. Do not add any images closely in a place. Try to spread out images all over the website so the users will enjoy browsing every part of your website. Graphic design is a part of the web design.

Write search engines friendly codes. Your websites scripts must be readable by the search engines. If any search engine cannot understand the script that you have written for your website then the search engine will ignore your website to show on the search result page. Keep this in your mind while doing web design.

Make your website as simple as you can. There is no need to add too much graphics and also other media files. Sometimes you may need to add flash video on your website to show to the users. You should know that users will not like to watch the videos every time when they are coming to your website. While you are making the website design, keep option for the users to watch the video if they want. DO not write any script to turn on the video automatically when users are on your website.

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