Most Popular Blog Types Across The World

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Most Popular Blog Types Across The World

Post  royal on Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:40 am

Gone are the days when blogging was restricted to penning down ones unbiased thoughts and opinions or giving tips and expert advice to like minded people through writing.

Private and public companies now hire professional bloggers to write about their products and educate consumers on their features and other details. An SEO company also often hires a professional to write generic but favorable articles and blogs on the industry that its clients products and services belong to, thus aiming to increase awareness and create recall in the minds of the consumers.

Blogs are a popular medium to share knowledge, experiences and expertise and it is interesting to note that there are blogs about almost everything, right from parenting to pets.

Even though there a zillion public blogs on varied topics and of multiple types, this article talks about the eight most popular blog types :

1. Food

2. Fashion

3. Travel

4. Health

5. Music

6. Beauty Videos and pictures of DIY make up

7. Technology and Gadgets

8. Photography

Blogs are the current big thing, one of the most cost effective marketing avenues; they are no longer only about sharing honest thoughts. They could also be, opinions of writers, ideas, philosophies and most importantly informative and innovative marketing techniques employed by businesses to promote their products.

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