Steps For Designing New Webpages

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Steps For Designing New Webpages Empty Steps For Designing New Webpages

Post  royal on Mon May 14, 2012 4:29 am

Following are some steps for designing new webpages :

1. Description : Type a description of what this page is about in way that will grab a potential visitor's attention. Keep this about 150 characters long. Do not forget to weave in your keyword here.

2. Body : This is where you will actually type the content for this particular page. Try to weave your keyword in naturally once every couple of paragraphs if possible. Add links to the web pages you want you visitors to see. Decide where your graphics will go as well as any ads you will place on your page to make money.

3. Wrap-up : This is where you put your call to action for whatever you want your visitor to do...whether that be to click on your affiliate your product...or sign up for your e-zine. Do not forget to add a link back to your home page.

4. Create Your New Page Now that you know what your page will look like and what is going to be on it'go ahead and open your favorite HTML editor. Open your template for this site as well as the document you just created in the previous step.

5. Copy And Paste All you have to do now is simply copy the text you created in your storyboard and paste it into your webpage template. Once you are done and are satisfied with how it looks you are ready for'

6. Save The File And

7. Upload The File to Your Host

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