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Post  royal on Mon May 14, 2012 3:41 am

Hi Everybody,
Websites have come across as best medium and online shop for those looking for fast yet quality shopping experience. If compared to physical shops, here the shoppers are mostly coming for window shopping. Here the sales person has the advantage of seeing them in real, start convincing them when things seem favorable and convert it into sales. But for online shops, visitors are not window shoppers. They come with a particular goal and intention to your website, and they don't like to waste their time. If they fail to find things of their requirement, they would quit in just a single click.

Here the role of such website's main page which is the home page is of paramount importance. There are certain factors about this page that cannot be ignored if you want to score well among the visitors, as it is a virtual storefront.

First thing that should be taken care of is to make the home page comprehensive and contain overall summary of the entire website. You can also give short descriptive idea as to what things are their as offerings. Write the content using targeted keywords and phrases, for this purpose one can also do keyword research. Also state points showing how is your website different and unique from your competitor for greater impact.

Arrangement of texts should be done in proper format and take utmost care the way it is presented. In comparison to books or leaflets reading online can be a little difficult task and slower also, so keep the paragraphs short and sweet so that interest remains intact.

A web page can contain different types of links, therefore its recommendable to give specific colors to these links in order to avoid any confusion. Active links, unopened links and opened links are different types of links. HTML can be used for this purpose.

Keep a check on the number of ads on the home page. Sometimes websites contain too many ads that overshadow the actual content of the main page which is a negative thing. There are certain ads that open up even before your home page gets loaded completely creating a state of confusion and frustration making the visitor feel that they have landed on wrong site. Such forced ads contain skip this page option in very small fonts which cannot be noticed with ease. Thus irritating the user and making them exit your website without going further to the actual home page.

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