Website Design And Development Team Building

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Website Design And Development Team Building

Post  royal on Mon May 14, 2012 3:19 am

Hi Everyone,
We all know the value of having a Web site rank well in search engine outcome for searches on particular keywords/phrases. If the Web site doesn't have a page appearing in the top 10 search engine result positions the probability of someone clicking on the listing, and actually visiting the site, drop dramatically.

Although one person can maintain small websites, larger sites require a group of personnel filling a variety of roles. The line can be blurred between the roles, and of-course many aspects of site design require more than one head to solve a problem. The following roles are examples of the types of talent necessary to build a larger, well-conceived site.

1. Server administrators Get to know and appreciate the technical people that run your web server.

2. HTML coders

3. Designers Web Design Colorado Designers are the graphic artists responsible for the look of the site

4. Writers and information designers writers prepare content for online display, which includes Web Design Colorado designing hypertext information and navigation paths

5. Software programmers Programmers write the programs you need to build interaction into your site

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