Graphic Designing In 2d And 3d Animation

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Graphic Designing In 2d And 3d Animation

Post  royal on Mon May 14, 2012 1:37 am

Hi Everyone,
Usage of animation is seen everywhere, as a result we have become so accustomed with it that it is often overlooked. Usually people associate it to something that moves or else it is described as cartoons by some.

Animation can be divided into two categories- 2D and 3D animation. 3D animation is 3 dimensional in nature and images are presented in this format only. Here every movement is known by the term 'frame'. When one frame moves into next in a rhythematic manner it gives the illusion that the image or object is moving. After that the frames are presented in such a way that it moves from one frame to another rapidly.

In order to create such animation effect either it was drawn by hand or with the help of 2D. The animation artist used to draw new picture for every minute movement of the image. After that all the pictures are put together in systematic manner. They are known as hand drawn and cell animation. It requires great deal of hard work and detailing which is appreciated by the viewers as well as animators.

For past many years cartoons were designed by using 2D art. But after the advent of latest computer technologies 3D animated graphics came into existence. Still 2D is widely used and has its own importance, as it also requires great deal of creativity and skills. An individual having no artistic base cannot do 3D animation by only learning the software involved in it.

Complex and specialized software is required for creating 3D animation designs. Here computer is used for designing the characters and hand drawing is not used here. It undergoes many series of steps before the final design is issued. Designers who carry out this process should have proper understanding about every step of animation graphic designing for attaining the intended results.

In online market many software programs are available for 3D animation to choose from. They offer different features depending upon the complexity and capabilities. For beginners starting with basic designing program helps. As and when you excel a program, take up another level to learn. In whatever you do having proper artistic skills is necessary to master every learning step.

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