Custom Web Design Plus Cheap Web Design Equals That Rare Cheap Custom Web Design

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Custom Web Design Plus Cheap Web Design Equals That Rare Cheap Custom Web Design Empty Custom Web Design Plus Cheap Web Design Equals That Rare Cheap Custom Web Design

Post  royal on Mon May 14, 2012 1:01 am

Hi Everyone,
Look up Custom Web Design in the Google search bar then look up Cheap Web Design the same way. When you look at the results it is pretty easy to see these are not particularly compatible items. Very apparently, as soon as you ask for custom web design, cheap web design is no longer available, and vice versa. Actually, if you look closely, only one site in the top ten under "custom web design" has the word cheap anywhere in the title tag and description and that actually refers to SEO.

Look up cheap web design and only one site boasts custom web design as one of the options. Nowhere on the site do we see a clear price for a "Cheap Custom Website" or "cheap custom web design." It seems fair to say that cheap custom web design is that kind of a rare commodity that may or may not actually be available, but if one were to find it, it might offer a very significant value.

So, the logical extension of this search seems obvious enough. We have looked in Google for Custom Web Design, we have searched for Cheap Web Design, the obvious next step would be searching Google for Cheap Custom Web Design. Perhaps therein lies the answer to our quest. Low and behold, here is another set of ten websites which appears with only a couple of sites we have seen from the earlier searches. So these are the guys who advertise both of the main elements we are looking for; cheap and custom website design.

Now we go to the sites. We do our homework. We evaluate the site which has the most promise and hope the promises are not empty. Preferably we have the time to speak to more than one of the sites representatives in person and ask the important questions. One of the sites boasts cheap SEO! Another site is local to Chicago. We have to decide our priorities and ask the right questions. If we actually get and then follow up with references from our short list of qualified cheap custom web designers we will be in real danger of finding the best one.

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