Convey Right Brand Image And Message Through Logos

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Convey Right Brand Image And Message Through Logos

Post  royal on Mon May 14, 2012 12:37 am

Hi Everyone,
For any company or its product, its market image is very important at company level as well as product level. Organizations spend a lot of money to build up a positive image of their business. The way in which a particular brand or product is perceived by the masses might be very different from the reality. Usually the problem arises at the stage of communicating with the target customers and providing them with the information about the benefits they would get by using their products or services.

Logos are very important in establishing a corporate identity for a business. The main essence behind logos is the repetition factor, where seeing it again and again on regular basis creates an impression about it and stays in customers' minds. All good brands and company does have a unique logo for this very purpose.

A company logo has to be meaningful and purposeful. They are seen everywhere and carries a specific message affecting the subconscious mind of the consumers and their buying behavior. The most important factor of a successful logo is its corporate image and its integrity. It means the logo should exhibit qualities like strength, loyalty, honesty, completeness and strong determination.

Aspect of 'value' is often associated with any company image. Customers always evaluate the worth of your company's product and service, also the value of their money they would get.

Some logos exhibit the leadership factor, which shows that the company has enough market knowledge and has the caliber to carry out business in the manner that the company worth is acknowledged. A company image always demands innovation as part of their business. Consumers always prefer brands that are creative, can meet up their demands and have superior quality.

A logo although might seem to be small and simple, but various tools used by a graphic artist while designing it, includes different fonts, pictures, colors, design motifs, size and their placement. Depending on the company type, the designs of logos vary in their look and feel. Some logos might need use of strong colors and well-defined lines, whereas some might need use of soft colors and contour lines, or logos that have a sense of motion.

By keeping important factors in mind, logo designers create logos that catches the public attention and imagination. It should create a positive market image and able to convey intended message to the target customer.

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