You Have Lost Traffic From Your Top 3 Position Keywords… Now What

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You Have Lost Traffic From Your Top 3 Position Keywords… Now What Empty You Have Lost Traffic From Your Top 3 Position Keywords… Now What

Post  royal on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:47 am

Hi Everyone,
If you are large brand with unlimited budgets and high ROI, read no more. Just increase your maximum CPCs, and you are fine.

For the 99% of us that don’t fall into this category, here are some suggestions :

Take advantage of ad enhancements – Google SPYW is getting more and more visual, and users are gravitating towards that vibrant content. Product Listing Ads and Product Extensions are two great ways to add significant, highly visual real estate to your PPC campaigns. This can help deliver incremental volume on non-brand keywords, and help minimize traffic loss on brand terms as the Google SERPs evolve.

Look for alternatives – If your traffic starts to get impacted significantly, take some of your budget and get more competitive on other engines or invest in other programs. Display media, affiliates and Facebook ads are all areas that you can turn to make up some of your lost traffic.

Leverage Google+ opportunities early – As Google releases more and more G+ related products and betas, the advertisers who get in early will see the biggest benefits. Don’t be afraid to take some risks, and adopt a “get there first” approach to SPYW.

From Matt McGee’s recent post on Two Google+ SEO Guides You Should Read to these findings we’ve gleaned ourselves, there are and will continue to be countless ways to learn, test and succeed within the new Google+ framework. And, the great thing about this constant change is that none of us are doing it alone. Let’s keep this conversational. You tell me what works for you, and I’ll do the same in this forum.

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