The Crossover Point Between Desktop & Mobile Search

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The Crossover Point Between Desktop & Mobile Search

Post  royal on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:11 am

Hi Everybody,
As mentioned earlier, tourists book their hotel reservations before they arrive. So any hotel’s effort to get a tourist’s attention once they’re in Boston would naturally have little effect.

Other travel businesses have buying cycles that are less clear-cut, and we see crossover points where desktop search passes the baton to mobile search.

Let’s look at this more closely :

1. Hotels :
If I’m the typical Boston tourist, I was probably sitting at my PC 2-3 months ago, typing “hotels in Boston” into Google. Getting a PPC ad in front of me would require some geotargeting (I was sitting in Buffalo, typing a “Boston” search), timing (it’s 2-3 months before the warm weather starts), and good ad copy (mentioning a nearby landmark e.g. “Steps from the Freedom Trail”), The desktop searcher wants a landing page with photos and an online booking system. In contrast, the mobile searcher (already on the ground) wants an address, directions from the airport, and the check-in time.

2. Bicycle Rentals :
People are just as likely to plan a bike rental in advance as they are to look for one at the destination. Here, a desktop strategy would echo the hotel approach, directing searchers to a desktop landing page with guide maps, photos of bikes, and quick access to online reservations.

3. Tickets :
If you’re planning to take in a Sox game while you’re in Boston, there are lots of ticket vendors competing for your business. A desktop search for “red sox tickets” should bring you to a landing page with every available game, letting you choose what fits your schedule. In contrast, a mobile search is probably more time-sensitive: that first landing page should show you tonight’s game, a Buy button, and a link to the game list as a secondary page.

So if there is a formula for playing desktop and mobile search, it comes down to timing, landing page design, and the ability to anticipate what a customer needs at each point in the buying cycle. Similar logic can be applied to any industry, and can help you find creative ways to use mobile search as part of your overall marketing mix.

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