Worst Practices & Most Common Failures- SEO Checklist

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Worst Practices & Most Common Failures- SEO Checklist Empty Worst Practices & Most Common Failures- SEO Checklist

Post  royal on Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:12 am

Hi Everyone,
Following are the Worst practices explained :

1. Worst practices explained

2. Does your primary navigation require Flash, Java or Javascript

3. Is your site done entirely in Flash or overly graphical with very little textual content

4. Is your home page a “splash page” or otherwise content-less

5. Does your site employ frames

6. Do the URLs of your pages Include “cgi-bin” or numerous ampersands

7. Do the URLs of your pages include session IDs or user IDs

8. Do you unnecessarily spread your site across multiple domains

9. Are your title tags the same on all pages

10. Do you have pop-ups on your site

11. Do you have error pages in the search results

12. Does your “file not found” error page return a 200 status code

13. Do you unnecessarily employ redirects, or are they the wrong type

14. Do you have any hidden or small text meant only for the search engines

15. Do you engage in “keyword stuffing”

16. Do you have pages targeted to obviously irrelevant keywords

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