Different Types of Social Media

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Different Types of Social Media

Post  royal on Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:08 am

The different forms of social media that exist today, come under a vast umbrella of different kinds of communication. This form of mass media, can be for interactive, informative, educational, or promotional purposes, and more.

Blogging is a very common feature of the Internet, which allows users to create their own blog domains to put up self made information. These can range from topics related to music, private/public diary entries, recipes, religious write ups, news, medical information, travel tips, product reviews, latest gadget updates and so on. One doesn't need to be a professional, or require any kind of expertise, but genuine deep knowledge of what he/she is talking about. Blogs are enhanced with capabilities like video/photo uploads, widgets, podcasts, streaming live radio, advertisements on products/services and so on.

Event Updates
Websites cater specially to bands/artists/painters/social event planners and so on, allowing them to update their information with event dates and current happenings. It gives people an interface to buy tickets online, or travel to places to be a part of the event. It acts as an online calendar of events for those who actively browse the Internet to attend events locally/nationally/internationally.

Social Networking
Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, give people worldwide a place to put up pictures, videos and interact with friends/family at any time and place. You can add friends, join groups, attend events, buy tickets, play games, search for old school/college friends, chat and more. Every second person owns an account, and now teens and older adults are fast catching up with this trend of keeping in touch with others online.

Websites like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and so on, give users a chance to email one another while situated anywhere globally. It is an instant way of keeping in touch with those who are out of town, and can be used for one to be a part of business interactions or other communication based reasons. It is easy to use, and doesn't require in depth knowledge on how to use it. They also come with their own messengers meant for chat and webcam viewing or even web conferencing. Online chat rooms are a popular feature of social media as well. People can access this service through their cell phones or any other device that can avail from Internet access.

News Updates
News channels have created their very own official websites to allow those on the run, to view the latest in news and stories worldwide. Companies like CNN and BBC, not only showcase news and live footage, but provide a platform for users to give their opinions or start discussions, even forums. Stories also related to science, medicine, technology and entertainment are featured as well.

Photo/Video Sharing
Users can upload photographs taken from digital cameras or cellphones, and put them up on websites to share with friends and family. Videos too can be uploaded and viewed through search engines that recognize video 'tags' and produce results based on what one has typed in. It also records how many hits a video gets, increasing your visibility and viewer ratings.

These different types of social media, are becoming more advanced as time passes making people turn to the Internet for anything and everything. Social media also provides users to indulge in Internet shopping, allowing you to buy anything from a car to bidding for products. There are even university faculties interacting with students for online courses, giving them a chance to receive certification from universities from foreign countries.

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Re: Different Types of Social Media

Post  fivebucksdeals on Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:44 pm

Thanks to share this nice tips.

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Re: Different Types of Social Media

Post  fivebucksdeals on Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:07 am

Many social networks can be broken up into many categories and most networks fall into more than one category. Knowing what category a network is classed as is vital to plan out a social media management campaign and also to have a successful return on your social media efforts.

There are seven main types of social network and every social service can be categorised into at least one of these: Blogs, Social networking services, Social media sharing, Social bookmarking, Social news services, Location based networking and Community building services.

Blogs were one of the first forms of social media and have really evolved. Blogs are designed to allow easy content posting, and also easy commenting and sharing. Examples of blogging services are: WordPress, Type Pad and Blogger.
Social Networking Services

Social Networking Services were originally created for the soul purpose of two way communications and content sharing, e.g. videos, picture and information. Even with this category, there are three child categories: Full networks (Facebook/Google +) , Micro blogging (Twitter/Plurk) and Professional Networks(Linkedin/Xing).
Social Media Sharing Services

Social media sharing services are based around posting content such as videos and pictures, and sharing the content and also commenting on it. There are three types of these networks, video (YouTube/Vimeo), Photos (Flickr/Picasa), Audio (Podcast Alley).

Users of social bookmarking services can bookmark their favourite pages for other users of that network to see and enjoy. Recommendation sites (Stumble Upon/Delicious), Social Shopping (Kaboodle/This Next).
Social News Services

Users of social news services can favourite news for the rest of the network to see, these articles are usually voted on in some way. Examples of these services are Digg and Reddit.
Location Based Networking

Location based networking is something users have to help bring them closer together and explore their local area, examples of this are Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt.
Community Building Services

Community building services are mostly forum like networks such as Yahoo! And Google Groups, these networks can be very niche.

It is important to know exactly what category the network you are going to be using falls into, this way you can make the most of your social media agency and have the best return on your campaign. Whether you are using social media as an SEO company or even PPC.

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Re: Different Types of Social Media

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