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Post  royal on Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:49 am

Hi Everybody,
You need to make some extra money and decided that Internet marketing is the thing to do. What is the first thing you need other than the service or product to sell? A webpage but of course you'll need a web host, a domain name and couple of other things first but we'll just talk about how to make a web page right now.

There are a number of websites that offer templates for web pages. These templates you can use as they are or you should have the option to adjust them to fit your needs. If you don't know exactly what you want your site to do, this is the perfect time to explore the numerous options available to you. You can always improve on it later but if you can get a great start and learn how to make a web page early on, why not do it now?

There is nothing wrong with keeping the original template and adding your own content. However, you want your website to be unique so it is in your best interest to improve on what you currently have. Even if you only change the font or change the background color you are making a change to individualize it as your own.

Once you have the hang of changing the basics, you can advance to the next level. Start adding graphics, videos, images, charts/graphs, shopping cart, interactive features, or even a place where the visitor can post a comment. Learning how to make a web page is super simple when you have a great template.

Depending upon the website that has templates available will determine the types of templates that you can choose from. Dreamweaver (adobe.com), Joomla.org (open source), WordPress.org (self hosted). and WordPress.com (options are limited), and even Blogger.com you can search and find some great templates for your website. Each site gives you options that you can browse through as well as other information to help you decide if theirs is right for you.

When browsing each website for a template or theme, there are a number of other things to consider before you make a web page. Is there a cost involved, how easy is it to make changes and does the website offer special tools to help you make a web page or is it up to you to locate the tools and hopefully they will be accessible to you at little or no charge. Another thing to consider is if your final product will easily upload and function correctly on the server that you've chosen to use.

Once you have chosen your layout and theme, added some bells and whistles, you have several pages added and a shopping cart installed, don't forget to add the real material which is the content. You need to place informative and useful information on your website that will encourage the visitor that what you have to offer is what they need. The content should be of quality material, it should be unique and easy to read. You want to attract the reader's attention and keep the visitor on your website.

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