Search Engine Optimisation with twitter

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Search Engine Optimisation with twitter

Post  Kunal Singh on Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:05 am

Optimizing Tweets is all well and good and we would argue is eminently likely providing either applications or the UI is developed to allow for this the way You Tube does now, but it’s unlikely that even an optimized Tweet will be able to pass on much – if any – power as part of a linking campaign.

Twitter applies the ‘no follow’ attribute to all outbound links and while there is some debate amongst the search engine optimization community about exactly how much or how little link power is passed on through these, it’s certainly unlikely to replace a good old-fashioned linking campaign.

What there is no denying, however, is that now that Tweets are indexed by search engines, optimizing them correctly could well be an excellent way of pushing social media campaigns forwards and driving more traffic to the site you are trying to optimize which, ultimately, should be the goal of any SEO campaign.

This is all speculation until the Annotations application is rolled out across the board and developers begin to get involved with it, but it’s certainly something that is worth keeping an eye on for search engine optimization specialists, social media experts and internet marketers alike.
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